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We are currently developing tutorials demonstrating and teaching how to most effectively use Eisen. Our tutorials run on Google Colab which provides free GPUs for experimentation and quick testing of deep learning models and beyond. Google Colab notebooks are very similar to Jupyter notebooks.

We currently have a few tutorials showcasing Eisen.



Minimal Example with Medical Segmentation Decathlon A simplified example of Eisen on a real-life use case

Volumetric Segmentation Medical Segmentation Decathlon An example of Eisen on a real-life use case

MNIST classification using torchvision components with Eisen Showcasing the capability of Eisen to work with other software

MNIST classification using torchvision and Eisen with automatic mixed precision (AMP) via NVIDIA Apex for PyTorch

Demonstration of the Eisen TensorboardSummaryHook which exports workflow data (inputs, outputs, metrics and losses) to tensorboard

More tutorials and examples will be published soon.


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