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Eisen is a software package to enable simple and quick development and experimentation with deep learning models. It is designed for applications in healthcare.

Eisen provides a complete set of building blocks and everything in between:


Installing Eisen is extremely simple.

pip3 install --upgrade eisen

Eisen implements an opinionated API that builds directly on PyTorch. The goal of Eisen is to be:

  • Extremely simple to use

  • Extremely easy to understand

  • Similar to other packages in the PyTorch echosystem

  • Easy to contribute to

We have subdivided Eisen in several sub-packages:

  • Eisen meta-package (installs everything) pip3 install eisen

  • Eisen core pip3 install eisen-core

  • Eisen CLI pip3 install eisen-cli

  • Eisen Deploy pip3 install eisen-deploy

  • Eisen Extras pip3 install eisen-extras

You can also obtain Eisen as a Docker image which can be downloaded from dockerhub check out DockerHub at

Eisen core modules are summarized in the figure below:


Building with Eisen is simple. A typical project follows the architecture summarized in the figure below:


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